1952 N. Lombard St

Arbor Lodge Shelter*

Part of an ongoing shelter expansion by the JOHS, the Arbor Lodge Shelter will be converted into a long-term, purpose-built 24/7 shelter through reservation/referral only, focused on serving 80-120 people in the community and North PDX area.

*Note: Arbor Lodge Shelter is currently closed for renovations, and will be re-opened as a permanent shelter when renovation is complete (planned to re-open in 2024).

Image Description: Sleeping cots arranged in rows and columns at the Arbor Lodge shelter.

A Brief History

Arbor Lodge Shelter | Then*

December 2020 | JOHS purchased the site using federal COVID-19 response funding.

February 2021 | Offered emergency shelter for severe snow, cold, and ice weather.

Summer 2021 | Provided a 24-hr cooling space and was used as a COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

November 2021 | A 24-hr, reservation-only emergency adult shelter, with a two-stage plan:

  1. Interim Shelter | Nov. 2021 – Oct. 2022 – 24/7 shelter operated by Do Good Multnomah, funded by JOHS Metro Supportive Housing Services dollars.  Serves 58 adults inside, plus 12 people in sleeping pods outside. Allowed for people to shelter during design work.
  2. Long-Term Shelter | April 2023 – 24/7 shelter operated by Do Good Multnomah with JOHS funding.

October 10, 2022 | Arbor Lodge Shelter guest were moved, some into permanent housing and some into other shelter sites. The site was used as a severe weather shelter during the winter months.

March 16, 2023 | Groundbreaking start of construction. Construction is still underway with an expected completion in 2024, where a grand opening ceremony will be conducted.

A Good Neighbor Agreement is in process, in partnership with the shelter’s operator, Do Good Multnomah, as well as the Joint Office, neighbors of the Arbor Lodge Shelter, and others. Together they designed renovation plans for the high-quality, professionally-designed long-term shelter.

*Note: The existing outdoor sleeping units have been stored and saved for future use. Shower and restroom trailers have been removed from the site.

Forward Facing

Arbor Lodge Shelter | Now*

The new, upgraded shelter will include better fencing, interior design improvements, and community-led artwork created by local artists and will serve at least 80 adults with a potential cap at 120 as demand permits.

The long-term shelter — funded by Multnomah County, the State of Oregon and the Metro Supportive Housing Services Measure — will offer health and housing services such as: laundry, storage, restrooms, a kitchen, offices, parking, and indoor/outdoor common spaces.

It will be available through reservations only, and open all day, meaning there won’t be lines to get in or large groups of people leaving. Guests will be able keep their beds as long as needed, while they work with case managers to plan their next steps toward permanent housing.

If you have questions about the site, please click below!

*The JOHS has a record of opening quality shelters in community, near transit and libraries. These shelters enjoy positive relationships with neighbors, many of whom donate and volunteer.

Frequently Asked Questions & Other Notes

If you have a complaint about an unsanctioned camp, submit a report on pdxreporter.org.

If the complaint is about trash that needs to be picked up, submit a report to Metro RID Patrol.

The Plan

Why did the County pursue this timeline for purchasing the building?

This was determined by the urgent need for COVID-19 compliant space for severe weather shelter – and use of CARES Act dollars (allocation needed by end of 2020).

The Joint Office saw a strategic opportunity to leverage federal funding instead of local dollars, for a quality shelter space to serve the needs of the community during the pandemic and for the future.

When Metro Supportive Housing Services fund became available on July 1, 2021 the Joint Office saw an opportunity to create additional shelter beds.


Is this a good site for a transitional shelter?

North PDX has significant numbers of neighbors experiencing unsheltered homelessness — but little access to much needed shelter.

This will be the first year-round congregate shelter for adults in the area, joining smaller or seasonal shelters like the Kenton Women’s Village, St. Johns Village, Community of Hope and the former Charles Jordan Winter Shelter, already funded by the Joint Office.

The site is large enough to provide meaningful shelter space. We are in construction to renovate the site to provide space for amenities and services, including parking and private outdoor space.

The site is close to amenities: transit, retail, libraries, affordable-housing opportunities, and educational, employment, and social services.

Service providers including Transition Projects, Catholic Charities of Oregon and Do Good Multnomah, beyond providing shelter, have opened, or are working to open or support affordable housing in the area.

A Community Asset

Will this be an asset for the community?

Yes! Shelter that focuses on housing and health services is a critical part of the Joint Office’s work in preventing and ending homelessness. Our shelters must be well-run to succeed for the community and our unhoused neighbors.

We hold our operators to high standards and support them to ensure their success. We have not seen significant issues with crime or other concerns because of our shelters.

Throughout our shelter sites, many community members and local businesses throw BBQ gatherings for shelter participants and to bring neighbors in the area together. This has also resulted in neighbors facilitating activities, volunteering, and gathering donations.

Community Involvement

How can I stay engaged and get invovled?

In partnership, Do Good Multnomah and The Joint Office are always looking for volunteers and donations. We are currently working with the surrounding community to establish a good neighbor agreement.

For more information on how to get engaged, contact Do Good Multnomah!

Share Your Feedback

Where do I submit comments or complaints about camping, trash, drug use, near the shelter site?

A guide from the Joint Office on Who to Call for What.

Representatives from Do Good Multnomah attend monthly Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Meetings and monthly Kenton Neighborhood Association Meetings. These meetings offer a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and to bring concerns about and ideas for the shelter.

If you have a specific complaint about an unsanctioned camp, you can submit a report on pdxreporter.org(link is external). If the complaint is specifically about trash that needs to be picked up, submit a report to Metro RID Patrol(link is external) to have the trash cleaned up.