Community Budget Advisory Committee

Community Budget Advisory Committees (CBACs) are groups of community members that review and make recommendations on county departmental budgets and operations.

The Joint Office of Homeless Services Community Budget Advisory Committees (CBAC) is one of ten CBACs in Multnomah County, one for each Multnomah County department. The Central Community Budget Advisory Committee (CCBAC) is made up of one member from each CBAC, and is charged with making county-wide recommendations to the Chair, the Board and the public that may cross departmental lines and affect one or more departments.

What does the Community Budget Advisory Committee Do?

CBACs are one of the key ways that the county receives community input on its budget priorities. CBAC volunteers hear directly from department directors and other staff about the county’s programs and services. Together, they make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners about how Multnomah County can best use its resources to serve the community.

In recent years, CBAC recommendations have prioritized services for mental health, racial equity, housing & houselessness and public safety. Although not all CBAC recommendations are adopted, input from committee members improves how the county uses revenue and delivers services to residents.


Appointments to the CBACs are for three years, and members may serve for six consecutive years.

CBACs typically meet once a month, with additional meetings sometimes needed during the most active time of the budgeting process from January to March.

Committee Meetings

See meeting agendas, presentations and minutes from past and upcoming meetings.

Upcoming meetings

Monday, June 3, 2024 | 4:00 – 6:00pm

This meeting is held virtually on Zoom.
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Past meetings

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April 15th, 2024 Meeting

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